Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

By accessing and using Assignments Cure, you agree to comply with the below terms of service. You may not access and use Assignments Cure if you do not agree to the version of the Terms. The terms “We” and “Us” refer to Xpertzy Private Limited and doing business as Assignments Cure. Licensor and Licensee are individually referred to as “party” and collectively as “parties.”

Xpertzy Private Limited (“we,” “our,” or “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how your personal information is collected, used, and disclosed by Assignments Cure.

This Privacy Policy applies to our website,, and its associated subdomains (collectively, our “Service”). By accessing or using our Service, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

Definitions and key terms

For this Privacy Policy:

1. Cookie: small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. It is used to identify your browser, provide analytics, remember information about you such as your language preference or login information.

2. Company: when this policy mentions “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it refers to Xpertzy Private Limited that is responsible for your information under this Privacy Policy.

3. Country: where Xpertzy Private Limited or the owners/founders of Xpertzy Private Limited are based.

4. Customer: refers to the company, organization or person that signs up to use the Assignments Cure Service to manage the relationships with your consumers or service users.

5. Device: any internet-connected device such as a phone, tablet, computer or any other device that can be used to visit Assignments Cure and use the services.

6. Personnel: refers to those individuals who are employed by Assignments Cure or are under contract to perform a service on behalf of one of the parties.

7. Personal Data: Any information that directly, indirectly, or in connection with other information – including a personal identification number — allows for the identification or identifiability of a natural person.

8. Service: Refers to the service provided by Assignments Cure as described in the relative terms (if available) and on this platform.

9. Third-party service: Refers to advertisers, contest sponsors, promotional and marketing partners, and others who provide our content or whose products or services we think may interest you.

10. Website: Assignments Cure’s site, which can be accessed via this URL:

11. You: a person or entity that is registered with Assignments Cure to use the Services.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect information from you when you visit our service, register, place an order, subscribe to our newsletter, respond to a survey or fill out a form.

1. Name / Username
2. Phone Numbers
3. Email Addresses
4. Mailing Addresses

How Do We Use The Information We Collect?

Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:

When do we use customer information from third parties?

We receive some information from the third parties when you contact us. For example, when you submit your email address to us to show interest in becoming our customer, we receive information from a third party that provides automated fraud detection services to us. We also occasionally collect information that is made publicly available on social media websites. You can control how much of your information social media websites make public by visiting these websites and changing your privacy settings.

We do not Sell or Share Your Info with Any Third Party or Marketing Agency.

How Do We Use Your Email Address?

By submitting your email address on this website, you agree to receive emails from us. You can cancel your participation in any of these email lists at any time by sending us a mail. We only send emails to people who have authorized us to contact them, either directly, or through a third party. We do not send unsolicited commercial emails, because we hate spam as much as you do. By submitting your email address, you also agree to allow us to use your email address for customer audience targeting on sites like Facebook, where we display custom advertising to specific people who have opted-in to receive communications from us. Email addresses submitted only through the order processing page will be used for the sole purpose of sending you information and updates pertaining to your order. If, however, you have provided the same email to us through another method, we may use it for any of the purposes stated in this Policy. Note: If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, we include detailed unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email.

We acknowledge your concern regarding your privacy while using our services. Assignments Cure has described the privacy policy to ensure the safety of your personal information. Other notable points are as follows:

1. All user information is kept confidential within the company. These details are not disclosed to any third parties.

2. Your personal information is used primarily for communication regarding your orders booked with us and to keep you updated with the latest developments in the scope of our service. All other purposes have been listed in the previous section.

3. We do not share your details with the experts (tutors) and vice versa. It is to ensure that privacy of clients as well as experts remains confidential. We can get you connected with an expert to enable clarifications regarding your order but we will not allow an exchange of contact details between any parties.

4. The assignment solutions provided to you are not used for any other purpose and shall be stored on our database for a minimum period of three months.

5. Payment information related to debit/credit cards while making any transactions on our services is kept confidential. We ensure 100% compliance with legal obligations and use payment gateways that are bona fide and verified by, as per the statutory laws that govern internet payments. When you make an online payment to purchase our services, we do not have access to any of your bank or card related information that you input while processing the payment.

6. In case of any conflicts/claims regarding the order, we might have to communicate the details to our payment partners for resolving the issue. It doesn’t amount to a breach of your privacy as it is a legal procedure which must be followed in case of any disagreement over the service provided.

7. While purchasing our services, you will be deemed to understand and agree to our privacy policy.

Your Consent

By using our service, registering an account, or making a purchase, you consent to this Privacy Policy.

Payment Details

In respect to any credit card or other payment processing details you have provided us, we commit that this confidential information will be stored in the most secure manner possible.

Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Refund And Revision

We will expeditiously resolve all refund demands according to the given terms and conditions. Regarding revisions, clients’ cooperation and availability to resolve and explain all the revision comments is necessary to rectify the task.

Inaccessibility of Expert

A situation, for example, is exceptionally improbable. Regardless of whether such a case happens where the expert isn’t accessible to help you and you have settled upon the task completely; you can arrange some other task request of identical expense.

Missed Deadline

In the event that, your assigned expert can’t finish your task inside your cutoff time, you can raise a discount inquiry which will be settled post to a full examination being done by our client care group. Task Help is a collective interaction and on the off chance that you can’t respond to our expert’s query with-in 12 hours of being communicated or if the absence of data given by you has prompted a missed deadline, we won’t engage any full or fractional refund demands. In the event that we set up that the postponement is caused because of a failure of our expert, you can benefit a upto 100% refund of your request and the affirmed refund will be issued as a credit which can be further used to avail our services in future. The deductions (assuming any) are discounted as the expert who is dealing with your task has been paid completely ahead of time. Nonetheless, we will make rigid moves against the author for any deferrals on their part. The choice of our client care group will be last in such manner and according to the rules of our Refund Policy.

Fail Grade received on Assignment Work

In an improbable situation, in the event that you have gotten a Fail Grade, you are qualified for raise a refund demand with a duplicate of a valid evaluation sheet alongside your professor’s input within 60 days of getting your arranged arrangement. We will check the reviewing sheet presented by you and examine if the reason is because of the low composing quality or if the reference arrangement gave isn’t sufficient concerning the evaluating index and learning results of your appraisal.

For any inadequacies found on our expert’s part, we will handle a upto 100% refund of your request through a credit note.

The choice of the client care group will be last in such manner.

Benevolently note that any refund demands set after the 60 days of getting your task arrangement won’t be engaged by us.

Important Note:

Assignment Help is a subjective assistance and our specialists attempt to assist you with the best of their insight, endeavours and references so you can clergyman A Grade commendable assignment. Nonetheless, to accomplish passing marks your steadiness is the main factor. Our Tutoring cycle is planned such that leaves next to zero extent of ineptitude and the odds of you falling flat are little. Keeping in accordance with the honesty of the coaching space, we don’t handle any money refunds. Be that as it may, we give a credit note which can be utilized to use some other assistance from our site.

Money Back Guarantee

“Money- Back Guarantee” solicitation can be raised in the event that you have gotten a fail grade.

All endorsed discounts in such demands will be provided as a credit note. We don’t handle cash refunds.

The solicitation for Money Back Guarantee must be started when the client shares the first grade report and is exposed to an intensive examination by our client care group.

The client care group is responsible to mirror all discoveries with the client and the choice of the CC group will be last in such manner.

Case Scenarios Where Refund solicitations won’t be prepared

1. No discount solicitations will be engaged if the submission cutoff time of your assignment is under 72 hours.

2. We don’t measure or consider refund demands put in for requests with forthcoming incomplete instalments.

3. Assignment help services are like coaching services and along these lines no money refund demands are engaged.

4. We are simply obligated to handle refund demands in situations where the client has been active in its correspondence with experts and has given adequate supporting material related the assignment work.

5. Refund Requests are engaged just when a conventional solicitation is raised by sending us a mail. Any correspondence through online media platforms or through some other channel won’t be considered as formal correspondence.

6. We are simply responsible to engage your refund demands when raised inside 60 days of accepting the final order. The date on which the solution was transferred on your mail ID will be considered as the date of conveyance.

Revision Policy

We understand that some of your requirements might not have been met appropriately. To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we follow the following guidelines for providing rework.

1. Request for rework will be entertained only within 60 days of date of first submission.

2. Customers must send us a list of specific areas which have to be revised. It will be assumed that the customers are satisfied with other areas and these will not be considered for future reworks.

3. If the rework is outside the scope of initial instructions, an additional fee may be required.

4. We require 24-48 hours to do any rework.

5. The decision of administration at Assignments Cure will be final in case of any dispute.


All Cancellation solicitations will be prepared and settled by us according to the underneath given terms and conditions:

1. You can raise your cancellation solicitation to a limit of 24 hours subsequent to placing your request. Past which no dropping solicitation will be engaged.

2. Kindly note that we don’t acknowledge cancellation of orders set with a task accommodation cutoff time of less than or equivalent to 3 days (72 Hours). These are considered as dire orders and the specialists are quickly doled out and paid forthright for such orders.

3. For cancellation demand made with shortly (3 Hours) of submitting your request, we will settle such inquiries with a deduction of 25% of the order value. The leftover sum will be refunded in the form of a credit note.

4. If you raise your cancellation demand after 180 minutes (3hours) and up to a limit of 24 hours of putting in your request, we will handle the cancellation demand with an deduction of half of your order value and the leftover sum will be refunded in the form of a credit note. The due deductions are imposed against the operational expenses and expert charges.

5. No Cancellation solicitations will be engaged following 24 hours have passed after putting in the request.

6. We don’t handle Cash Refunds for any cancellation demand at all. Be that as it may, if your refund demand is affirmed, your paid sum will be issued as a credit note solely after the deductions exposed to the conditions expressed above. The credit note can be utilized to avail some other services from our site of a similar sum.

7. As far as possible to utilize your credit note is 90 days from the date of issue.

8. We don’t engage cancellation for orders put with incomplete instalments.


Cookies – what are they and how would we use them?

As you peruse the web, little parcels of data get put away by your PC inside the internet browser you use. These Cookies track the sites you visit and the exercises you perform onto them. Most websites, like Assignments Cure, will utilize cookies to empower effective utilization of the site. Such web advances permit us to convey, evaluate, and improve our administrations just as client experience. We assemble helpful information when you visit our site and peruse our administrations, regardless of whether through the internet browser or cell phone.

Assignments Cure utilizes cookies for business purposes. Keep in mind, your inclinations and setting decisions and aiding us in better comprehension of how clients utilize our site. We use cookies to learn, how you associate with our website, for instance, the pages you read and the links you click on. Cookies likewise empower us to offer customized content and to give you important limited time offers. The vast majority of the cookies that we use are fundamental for giving you our administrations and smooth client experience. They guarantee your record’s security, forestall extortion, and guarantee a 100% consistence to safe site perusing. Aside from cookies, we likewise use numerous other web advancements to follow clients and screen their exercises on our site. Interesting identifiers permit us to check the movements and patterns of clients and furthermore show from where have they shown up at our site.

How would I discover my security alternatives?

It is altogether dependent upon you to acknowledge or dismiss our cookies. On the off chance that you wish to empower or erase cookies, open your browser and find where the cookies are saved. Each internet browser saves them in an alternate area. When you get to this, click on the ‘control’ or ‘manage’ settings where you can see a total reach for debilitating, eradicating or empowering cookies. In any case, kindly note that declining cookies could make the site route troublesome. We update our strategies every once in a while. Thus, any further changes made in the cookies settings will be refreshed on this page. We are not at risk to actually inform our clients about any future changes in the arrangement. Should you have any inquiries in regards to this arrangement, at that point do keep in touch with our team through mail or chat.


All sums, cost of the services referenced on the site ( are in US Dollars.

We accept payments in all sovereign monetary standards; USD, AUD, Canadian Dollar (CAD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EU), UAE Dirham, Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupees (INR) and Malaysian Ringgit. On the off chance that you might want to pay our administrations by paying in currency other than the ones referenced here; you are free to do as such.

The trade estimation of your picked currency versus the Australian Dollar will be determined according to the predominant swapping scale as approved by our payment gateway provider and other Monetary Regulation Bodies, for example, VISA, Master Card, Amex and so forth. The rate/sum subsequent to figuring the swapping scale showed in your shopping cart/checkout page/receipt will be last in such case

Service Tax

All sums and cost of our different services showed on the site are NOT inclusive of applicable taxes. Extra Service Tax of Eighteen Per cent (18%) will be charged on all exchanges according to the Government Mandate. The charged expense will appropriately mentioned on your receipt.

Payment Methods

For the ease of our clients, we utilize different payment gateways and online payment facilitators. You are allowed to utilize any of the alternatives showed on the site.

To make payments by substitute methods other than showed on our site; like Online Wallets, Peer to Peer payments, kindly contact our client assistance through any accessible channel or email us.

Partial Payments

In the event that you make a halfway installment against your task request, we are liable to submit just a fragmented draft of your task as a screen capture; for your survey. As of now you are needed to make the full payment of your request. We are simply obligated to share the full extent of our assignment service benefits whenever you have settled up on the payment request completely.

Incomplete Payments are acknowledged distinctly on solicitation of our customers and orders with partial payments won’t be engaged for cancelation, correction or refund under any conditions.

Duplicate Payment

In the event that you have paid more than once for your request, kindly mail us the receipt of the two exchanges at We will affirm something similar at our end and will refund the additional sum paid by you within 3-4 business days of approving your refund demand.

Payment Failure

In an occasion where you can’t make your online payment on our site, we demand you to share the screen capture of the error received by you at We will inspect the issue and will attempt to promptly resolve the same to the best of our abilities. We don’t ensure to determine such issues as the foundations for this could be different and outside our ability to control, for example, moderate web speed at your end, a blackout at Bank Gateways, Credit Card related issues and so forth

We invite your proposals to add other payment alternatives or for any upgrades, you might want to find in our payment cycle. Kindly email us questions of this nature or any criticism about our payment cycle at Notwithstanding, we don’t ensure answers to such messages or that your ideas will be handled with progress. You are requested to utilize this email id just to advance your ideas and not for any queries.

Academic Integrity

It is our ethical basic to encourage learning through moral methods and we have zero tolerance to abuse of our material.

We accept that learning ought not to feel difficult! With this as our core mission, we try to help students in their scholastic interests. Our mentors perform a careful examination to assemble all-around educated resources that students can use for reference. Having said that, we don’t encourage alternate ways!

Truth be told, through our course materials, we brief students to embrace an honest and basic methodology towards learning. We firmly reprimand the utilization of our material to gather copy, duplicate stuck, and reworded tasks. Our goal is to assist students with accomplishing a more clear comprehension of complex subjects. We anticipate that students should show up at their special guesses after an aim investigation of our material. In no way, shape or form do we support the students introducing our work as their own.

Simplifying Assignments: Laying solid accentuation on our statement of purpose, we endeavor to furnish students with the help they need for submitting quality assignments. We expect to encourage an inquisitive learning demeanor with our convincing and intriguing examination material. Our topic specialists carry out obvious exact information from books, newspapers, scholastic talk gatherings, institutional reports, and other high-temple sources.

We put forth a tireless attempt to group unique, graphic, and useful assets for students. We expect students and people who utilize our entrance to follow a similar moral set of principles. We are focused on our central goal of assisting students with learning. We are additionally similarly dedicated to shielding our work from deception and duplication.

We follow a high moral code of honesty and anticipate that our users should act with similar respectability. We will make a suitable move against any individual who is discovered to enjoy literary theft, copyright encroachment, or unapproved propagation of our exam material. Assignments Cure doesn’t uphold or endure the utilization of its material in delivering copy copied, for example,

1. Duplicating study materials to some degree or entire for scholarly tasks and schoolwork papers.

2. Distributing or broadcasting any of the protected work.

3. Utilizing our investigation material for any reason other than acquiring theoretical lucidity and information.

4. Introducing any pieces of our investigation materials as your unique work to any establishment.

Any individual discovered to abuse our Academic Code of honor will be banished from utilizing our services. By consenting to our terms and conditions, you will be limited by our terms of utilization, Intellectual Property Rights policy, and moral code of honor. Our arrangements are in exacting adherence to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Our Commitment against Academic offense:

We put stock in the holiness of schooling and stand unflinchingly against any sort of scholarly bad behaviors. Any infringement of our Academic Code of honor will be met with tough activity. We additionally obviously articulate that all our scholarly work is carefully implied for drawing reference and achieving more noteworthy applied clearness. We act immovably with corrective activity against any individual discovered to abuse our protected work. We will not represent any sort of contradiction or encroachment to our code of morals. As an association, we adhere to the most noteworthy moral norms. Any offense from our code of honor will be managed seriously. Our analysts set up altogether examined assets to give significant scholastic help to students. We expect to assist them with advanced education without paying for costly mentoring.

Emphatically having faith in our estimations of value and trust, we supply excellent instructive answers for students to make learning simpler and convenient. We confide in them to utilize our assets morally and in consistence with our Academic approaches. The students are additionally liable for conforming to the code of morals endorsed by their institutions.

Severe adherence to standard moral practices:

Through our instructive assets, we repeat our firm remains against scholarly wrongdoing. All thoughts introduced in our study materials are the first work of our experts. We have the imperative copyrights for their work. As and when crafted by different writers is introduced in our investigation material, we furnish the due accreditation with appropriate references and explanations. We recognize and acknowledge the moral obligation to keep up trustworthiness and straightforwardness while referring to the work of different authors.

Consistency with concurred academic shows:

Our work is packed with precise raw numbers. We harshly reject any questionable or strange sources during coaching the researchers.

We lay extraordinary accentuation on the nature of assets utilized for gathering our examination material and we don’t allude to any inferior material.

Our information is examined from just high-forehead sources crafted by prestigious creators, institutional records, and reports of research organizations.

We additionally give full affirmation to the creators, makers, and proprietors of the first work that we use for reference purposes.

All our scholastic work goes through undeniable degrees of examination. Our investigation assets are fact-checked, expertly edit and mercilessly altered prior to being given to students.

In a state of harmony with hostile to copyright infringement Standards: As authentication of our obligation to quality, we give Turnitin reports to students alongside assignment resources. We have zero resistance to literary theft and every one of our scholars is relied upon to observe elevated expectations of inventive trustworthiness. We are in keeping with the all-around acknowledged norms of text-coordinating and editing to identify literary theft, copyright encroachment, and deception of realities.

For any further questions in such manner, if it’s not too much trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us through mail or chat.

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